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Why You Shouldn't Drive On A Flat Tire

Flat tires are an inconvenience for everyone. That unfortunate circumstance is one that always seems to happen when you have somewhere important to be. When a flat tire occurs, it’s easy to become tempted to drive a few miles down the road to the nearest gas station or repair shop. Please don’t do it. Driving on a flat tire can cause significant damage to your vehicle. This advice usually comes standard with reminders to get your oil changed regularly and tires properly inflated. However, sometimes drivers don’t understand how damaging riding on a flat tire can be. Below is a list of essential reasons why you shouldn’t drive on a flat tire:  

  • Driving on an under-inflated tire will cause the vehicle to put pressure on the rim. Bent or damaged rims are costly to replace and difficult to repair. A bent rim can lead to the tire leaking air, decrease fuel economy, and cause vehicle instability.  
  • If a tire has a puncture to its tread up to 1/4th in diameter, it can be repaired. Therefore, most holes caused by small nails or screws can be patched. Any punctures deeper than that will need to be replaced. A tire will need to be replaced if any internal material has structural damage. 
  • Driving on a flat tire can damage other components outside of the tire and rim. Your vehicle can suffer damage to its suspension, brake lines, rotors, and other costly components if safety precautions aren’t used. 
  • Driving on a flat tire risks your safety and the safety of other drivers. Flat tires limit vehicle control and can lead to unsafe handling. These aspects can lead to a major road accident. 

Safe driving means preparing for the worse. If you aren’t sure how to change a flat tire, follow up with your car insurance provider to ensure you have roadside assistance. It would be a smart idea to take time to learn how to change a tire if the wait for help ends up longer than expected. To prevent damage to your vehicle, never drive on a flat tire. Driving on a flat tire isn’t just damaging; it’s dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. 

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