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What does it mean if my "check engine" or "service engine soon" light comes on?

On a car's dashboard, there are a variety of buttons and (warning) lights that control the vehicle's functions. Some signals require immediate action, so knowing what all of these lights mean and what to do when they alert you is important before driving a car. These alerts are meant to avoid serious harm to the vehicle as well as a potentially dangerous situation. There's also the check engine indicator, which means that something is wrong with the engine and that it should be repaired soon.

What Does The Check Engine Light Mean?

When your car's check engine light comes on, it means that a problem with the engine management system has been discovered. This signal indicates that something is wrong and that immediate action is needed. When the light comes on, you don't have to stop right away; however, you can take your car to the dealer as soon as possible to have the engine management read. You can, however, quickly read this for yourself. Driving with a light on for an extended period of time can cause harm, and the exhaust emissions can be even more polluting than when the light is turned off, which is bad for the environment.

A continuous engine control light can be caused by a number of factors. It's possible that the light came on because of ignition issues or a clogged throttle body. However, a leaking vacuum hose or a defect or corrosion of an electrical link in the car may cause the light to illuminate. There may also be an issue with the lambda probe, which is a sensor in a car's exhaust that tests the oxygen content of the exhaust gases and sends the information to the engine management system. When the engine management light comes on, it's understandable that the cause isn't immediately apparent, but further analysis is needed to arrive at the correct diagnosis.

When The Check Engine Light Comes On Or Flashes, What Do You Do?

A malfunction has been found if your car's check engine light illuminates on the dashboard. In the vast majority of situations, a sensor would have transmitted a signal that is outside of the acceptable range, such as with the lambda probe measurements. An error code may also be caused by a short circuit in one of the cables. The engine management must be read in order to figure out what went wrong. This is accomplished by OBD, which stands for "On-Board Diagnostics." For all OBD2 vehicles, the technology used to read the engine management is the same. This refers to gasoline cars built after 2001 and diesel cars built after 2004.

The car's ECU also stores all of the system's error codes (Electronic Control Unit). This is a support device that allows diagnostic equipment to read the engine control error codes. This entire process can be completed at our shop. Almost all diagnostic items now show an error code along with a summary that we can further investigate. We can delete the error code from the engine management once the problem has been resolved. If the issue is not adequately resolved, the error code will return and the check engine light will illuminate once more.

Bring your car into our auto repair shop today if you need to check engine light diagnostics!

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