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What Can Cause Brake Pad Wear On One Side and Not The Other?

Brake pads are a very important part to the way your vehicle operates. The brakes are the most important safety aspect of any vehicle and you use them every time you drive. The brake pads are going to wear down, no matter how well you drive your vehicle. But if one set of pads wears down on one side of the vehicle before they wear on the other side, it can be a maintenance annoyance.

It can also be a danger that could compromise the way your vehicle is able to stop. So what causes those brake pads to wear on one side more than on the other side? Here are a few causes:

Brake Caliper Issues

The caliper pushes the brake pads against the rotors and stops the vehicle. When they get stuck, the brake pad can stay against the rotors longer and wear down faster on that side.

Rotor Surfaces

Sometimes, the brake rotors can have uneven wear to them, which can be caused by a lot of different things. When those rotors have varied surfaces, they can wear down the pad as well. They might even get dirt and debris stuck between them and the pad, which will wear down the brake pad as well.

Brake Pad Misalignment

You know your vehicle can go out of alignment, but did you know you can have brake pads that are misaligned as well? The pad needs to be squeezed evenly against the rotor to wear evenly and if that's not happening, it can wear faster in a strange way.

It's usually not a good idea to change the brake pads on just one side of your vehicle, even if that sounds like a good solution when one side wears faster. Having the brake pads at uneven levels can cause more uneven wear and even danger within the stopping mechanism in the vehicle. Instead, change them all and address the issue that is making them wear strangely in the first place.

If you want to have your brake system checked out or repaired, give our auto shop a call for help.

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