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How to Check Your Windshield Wipers

Weather in Greensboro can be inconsistent, and with the constant threat of thunderstorms, knowing how to check your windshield wipers is a great skill. Windshield wipers help keep you safe while you’re on the road. If your windshield wipers are not working adequately, it may be difficult to see the road clearly or other potential hazards when it rains. Cracked, torn, or heavily worn windshield wiper blades can be ineffective and greatly decrease your visibility while driving.


Wiper blades use rubber that can wear out, even with limited use. Windshield wipers should be inspected and replaced if needed about every six months, or as soon as you notice a decrease in performance. Changing your wiper blades is usually a simple task, but if you’re not confident, it may be a good idea to leave this task to the professionals.


Here are some helpful items to have ready: 


·       Windshield Wiper

·       Wiper blades 

·       Tape Measure 

·       Cleaning Cloth 


  1. Park your vehicle and make sure the engine is off beforehand. Extend the wiper arms and put the cloth between the glass and the wiper arms to prevent any damage. It is imperative to keep the wiper arm extended because it can cause damage to your windshield if it smacks down.
  2. Run your fingers along the rubber to feel for tears or cracks. Return the wiper to its original position and ensure all parts of the rubber are touching the glass.  

 During this process, if you notice that you need to replace your wipers: 


  1. Determine the blade length. Measure the length of the blade as the length varies depending on the vehicle. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual may have specifications for your wiper blade. 
  2. Remove the old wiper blade. Pull the arm away from the windshield gently and make sure it stays extended. Look for a small button or tab on the arm and press it. Once the wiper tab is depressed, pull downward and remove the windshield rubber blade from the arm. It is best practice to remove one blade at a time.
  3. Attach the new wiper blade. Pull the wiper blade onto the arm. A clicking sound means it has locked into place. Lower the arm slowly back onto the windshield and repeat the steps for the other wiper arm.
  4. Test the new wipers. Run the wipers before driving to see if they are working correctly. 

When your wipers are in good condition and functioning correctly, you’ll be much safer on the road.

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