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How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Cars are generally made to be durable. However, some things we do subconsciously ultimately have detrimental effects. The following are bad driving habits that can hurt your vehicle:

Driving on low fuel.

Modern vehicles have the fuel pump fixed within the fuel tank. The fuel in the tank acts as a lubricant and coolant for the pump. Low fuel levels will therefore cause the pump to overheat, subsequently damaging it. Therefore, it is recommended that you refill your gas tank when the fuel level drops below a quarter of its capacity.

Frequent hard braking and accelerating.

Frequently hitting the brakes hard will cause them to wear out faster as it exerts stress on the brake parts. Similarly, hitting the accelerator hard reduces your gas mileage, making you spend more on fuel.

Switching to reverse gear from drive gear while still driving forward.

This action could potentially destroy the transmission in some automatic vehicles because a lot of forces are involved in making a vehicle's mechanical parts move in the opposite direction. Doing this in vehicles with a manual transmission may cause the gearbox to have a lock-out mechanism that prevents the reverse gear from being engaged. The correct thing to do if you decide to reverse is to engage the brakes, stop completely, then engage the reverse gear.

Driving over potholes and speed bumps at high speed.

Doing this often hastens the deterioration of the suspension parts such as ball joints, rubber bushings, and shock absorbers. It can also affect the alignment of the wheel.

Revving a cold engine.

An engine that has been out of use for some hours usually isn't adequately lubricated as the oil in the compartment usually settles in the oil pan found in the lower parts of the crankcase. Revving an engine at such a cold start thus burns fuel unnecessarily and increases the engine's risk of deterioration. It's, therefore, best to let it idle for some time before revving it.

In a nutshell, bad driving habits wear out your car parts, costing you more money in repairs and maintenance. Besides saving you money, avoiding bad driving habits will also keep you safer on the road.

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