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Does an Idle Vehicle Still Need an Oil Change?

If your car is sitting idle especially during these times when there is a pandemic and most people are working from home, you must be asking yourself the above question often. Experts recommend that you start your car at least once in a week and let it run for about five minutes and continue doing the routine vehicle care to avoid creating maintenance problems. If you are starting your car inside a garage, ensure that there is ample ventilation by opening the garage door.

Check the manual and prevent oil degradation

Most of us are aware that car manufacturers advice that we change the oil at certain intervals and do so using oil of a high quality. Other manuals recommend that you change the oil after completing a certain number of kilometers or miles. Some manuals go further and recommend that you change the oil more often if you have driven through a place with too much cold or dust.

But most people do not know that the more you stay without changing the oil, the more you run the risk of losing the oil either by engine oil consumption or a leak. When this happens, there is a bigger risk of getting water condensation which can degrade the oil. Your engine might damage extensively if the water condensation combines with oil.


You can get away with changing the oil once a year for a brand new car or a late model, but if it is an older car, it is best to change the oil twice in a year- before winter and at the start of spring. This is because it is the time when temperatures change the most. Change it more by considering the time of the previous oil change.

Listen to your car

Cars are meant to be driven regularly, so when you are not using them as they are intended to be used, you need to change your maintenance to make up for it. Do not stress yourself by changing the oil based on a strict schedule, rather, pay attention to your vehicle and change the oil if the engine gets sluggish or the car is more difficult to start in the morning.

Mind the gas tank and check the oil level

You should consider putting something extra in the gas tank to ensure that the gasoline does not form deposits. This can cause more damage to your engine than old oil. Another thing that you need to be careful about besides changing the oil is whether your car has the right quantity of oil. It is way more important to have the right volume of oil than to change it.

If you are searching for a certified mechanic who is well versed in matters oil and car maintenance, give us a call today. We can give your car an oil change at our auto repair shop at affordable rates.

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