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Yearly Archives: 2020

Why You Shouldn't Drive On A Flat Tire

Flat tires are an inconvenience for everyone. That unfortunate circumstance is one that always seems to happen when you have somewhere important to be. When a flat tire occurs, it’s easy to become tempted to drive a few miles down the road to the nearest gas station or repair shop. Please don’t do it. Driving on a flat tire can cause significant damage to your vehicle. This advice usually comes standard with reminders to get your oil changed regularly and tires properly inflated. However, sometimes drivers don’t understand how damaging riding on a flat tire can be. Below is a list of essential reasons why you shouldn’t drive on a flat tire:   Driving on an under-inflated tire will cause the vehicle to put pressure on the rim. Bent or damaged rims are costly to replace and difficult to repair. A bent rim can lead to the tire leaking air, decrease fuel economy, and cause vehicle instability.     If a tire has a puncture to its tread up ... read more

How to Check Your Windshield Wipers

Weather in Greensboro can be inconsistent, and with the constant threat of thunderstorms, knowing how to check your windshield wipers is a great skill. Windshield wipers help keep you safe while you’re on the road. If your windshield wipers are not working adequately, it may be difficult to see the road clearly or other potential hazards when it rains. Cracked, torn, or heavily worn windshield wiper blades can be ineffective and greatly decrease your visibility while driving.   Wiper blades use rubber that can wear out, even with limited use. Windshield wipers should be inspected and replaced if needed about every six months, or as soon as you notice a decrease in performance. Changing your wiper blades is usually a simple task, but if you’re not confident, it may be a good idea to leave this task to the professionals.   Here are some helpful items to have ready:    ·       Windshield Wiper ·      ... read more

Finding a Local Mechanic That You Can Trust

Finding a Local Mechanic That You Can Trust

According to 2016 survey by AAA, two out of three vehicle owners don’t trust mechanics. Many cite the reason being that they are overcharged for certain services or constantly pushed on paying for other services that think they do not need. Another reason mentioned is distrust due to negative past experiences at auto repair shops. We understand the stress of finding an auto repair shop that you can actually trust, especially after dealing with a bad service center. Our goal is to help our customers overcome this distrust and learn ways to spot the trustworthy auto repair shops and the ones to avoid.  A car dealership can look attractive for repairs and services because the mechanics are specially trained in your specific vehicle and they often offer warranty. However, dealership prices are much higher than local auto repair shops and dealerships are notorious for recommending services that aren’t always necessary for your vehicle. Plus - if you have multiple family ca ... read more

Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

The spring season is here, and it is important to make sure your vehicle is in top shape now through the summer when traveling tends to be at its peak. Before the summer season starts, take the time to read through our list of spring maintenance tips to make sure that your vehicle is ready to take on the rain and summer heat ahead.  Check your windshield wipers - Windshield wipers are always crucial for your safety and should be in good condition at all times. Wipers should be replaced once a year, so if it has been a while since your last replacement, your car is due for new wipers. Worn out wipers can be dangerous when you’re hit with unexpected rain while driving and can severely impair your ability to clearly see the road. Inspect your tires for tread - Take a look at your tires - how does the tread look? Do the top of the tires look nice and rigid, or do they look bald and smooth? Tires that are smoothed down and lacking tread become ... read more

We are an Essential Business Open to Serve you Doing COVID-19 Outbreak

We are an Essential Business Open to Serve you Doing COVID-19 Outbreak

Carolina Car Care wants you to know that we currently remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak. Auto care is considered an essential service and therefore is permitted to remain serving you while stay at home orders are in place. Healthcare workers, law enforcement, grocery store employees, and other workers in essential industries are still relying on their vehicles to get them to work every day. Our community members will also need a reliable car to get them to the store to retrieve food or supplies for their families. Whether you need an auto repair or service, give us a call for assistance.  Our shop has been closely monitoring any updates surrounding COVID-19 in our area and the CDC's recommendations regarding proper measures to prevent the spread of the virus. We know that these are unprecedented times in which many of us are worried about our jobs, businesses, health, and families. This is why it is so important for our shop to remain open to make sure that y ... read more

The Importance of a Brake Safety Inspection

Your brakes are what you rely on it slow or stop at a moments notice while on the road. They are a key part of your vehicle's safety features, which is why ensuring that your brake system is always in top working condition is so important. When it comes to your vehicle's brakes, a brake safety inspection is recommended to check all components for proper working condition and to take care of any small problems before they turn into larger, more expensive repairs.  The brake system has many different work parts that all undergo a lot of pressure and heat every day when you apply pressure to your brakes. This is why many brake components will need to be replaced periodically. Brake pads are subject to the most friction, which is why they need to be replaced more often. Brake rotors are also subject to wear and warping over time, but can typically be resurfaced before they need to be completely replaced. It is also recommened that your brake line and fluid is checked regular ... read more

What Does the Oil Pressure Warning Light Indicate?

The oil pressure warning light is another dashboard light that lets you know there is an issue with the oil pressure system. This warning light looks similar to that of a genie lamp with oil coming from the spout. Although it isn't a warning light you may see often, it is one that should never be ignored and is very important to address as soon as possible.  What does this light indicate? It means that your engine isn't receiving normal oil pressure. This could be caused by low oil, and once an engine doesn't have oil, it won't run for much longer. The engine can quickly overheat and severe engine damage can occur. This is why it is so important to bring your vehicle into Carolina Car Care as soon as this light illuminates.  While the oil pressure warning light typically indicates that there is a low level of oil in the engine's crankcase, it can also indicate a leaky gasket or seal, worn valve guides, or piston rings or cylinders that are causing the en ... read more

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