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4 Reasons Your Steering Wheel is Shaking

A trembling steering wheel can be frightening and downright dangerous. It’s something you’ll likely want to be repaired right away. It’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored because a wide range of issues causes it. A shaky steering wheel can be tough to diagnose or even more challenging to understand. Below are five of the most common reasons your steering wheel may be shaking and why it’s crucial to get it fixed. 

Unbalanced Tires
Tires can be in great shape, but if they’re poorly balanced, the steering wheel can shake and cause the vehicle to vibrate during high driving speeds. Unbalanced wheels don’t just occur because of wear; it can also occur due to incorrect installation. Wheel balancing is a quick and easy service and should be considered if the steering wheel is shaking. 

The Rims Are Damaged 
Accidentally hitting the curb or driving over a pothole can damage your wheels and rims. Rims that are bent or damaged can affect how a wheel makes contact with the ground causing hazards shaking up the vehicle’s steering component into the steering wheel. In this circumstance, the faster you drive, the more the steering wheel vibrates. 

Worn Parts Within the Steering Components
Parts within the steering system can wear and become loose. Loose parts will shake and vibrate as you drive. A professional automotive mechanic can inspect and identify the malfunctioning part and suggest a replacement.

Faulty Brake Rotors 
If the steering wheel shakes after stepping on the brakes, the problem may be associated with the brake rotors. Brake rotors can move out of synchrony with the brake pads and the wheels. The brake pads will eventually mimic the brake rotor’s imperfections, leading to a shaky steering wheel. If addressed early on, this is a relatively easy issue to fix. If ignored, the rotors will need to be replaced altogether. 

Shaky Steering Wheel in Greensboro, NC

Carolina Car Care has expert ASE Certified technicians specializing in automotive repairs for all vehicle makes and models. If you notice your steering wheel is shaking and unstable, reach out to us to help. We’d be happy to offer a thorough, comprehensive inspection. 

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